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Our Infinity Club offers you the possibility to collect diamonds at our VIP rates! You can exchange them for amazing 14K gold diamond rings or upgrade to earrings!

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Here are a few reviews of our most obsessed customers!

Jennifer W.

The ring is amazing! Im so glad that you guys just launched this service as I wanted to make a ring myself with the diamonds I had so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you... the ring is amazing! You should have more links to choose from for my future diamonds :D.

Emma L.

Just recived my white gold Diamond Earrings and they are very pretty. At firs I was sceptical about the diamonds but had them tested at my local jewlery store and was pleazed to see that they are real. Many tanks ForeverWick for this awesome service.

Jolene W.

I`ve stoped ordering the candles because the jewlerry guy told me that it will cost me RONβ€Œ3,700.00 to make a ring out of the diamonds ive collected and when I first seen that ForeverWick will do that for me I was the first in line! The ring is amazing and I love it. Hope to collect 10 more as soon as possible to get one for my doughter too! Thank you so much!


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How will I know what product you will be sending me?

Each month we choose a product specifically for your Infinity Box that we have proven and know you will truly love.

When will I receive my first Candle?

Your first candle will ship immediately, and subsequent candles will ship on the same day of following months. If you order on the 31st of a month, this will adjust to the 30th of future months.

Can I adjust shipments if I need to?

AYes! You can always change your scent, frequency, quantity, pause, or skip deliveries. We'll send you an email a few days before its shipment to check your preferences.

How do I gift a subscription?

Simply purchase a subscription and put the recipients shipping address instead of yours. If you put their email address too, they'll receive shipping notices too. You can contact us to cancel at any time.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can un-join at any time. The subscription discount requires at least two shipments. If you cancel after just one shipment, no problem. In that case, we’ll simply charge you back the shipping discount. On your second order you will receive a surprise!