🔥 Light Candle 💎 Reveal Diamond
🔥 Light Candle 💎 Reveal Diamond
Just Because



You do not always need a reason or an occasion to send a gift to your loved ones. Dropping a token of love every now and then is the best way to show how much you value that special someone in your life.

Thanks For Putting Up With My Sh*t Diamond Candle


Unicorn Poop Diamond Candle


Diamond Princess Diamond Candle


24K Gold Digger Diamond Candle


Let's Get Baked Diamond Candle


Custom Diamond Candle


IDGAF Diamond Candle


24K Gold Digger Double Diamond Candle

Reveal, Collect & Exchange
Exchange your collected diamonds with custom Diamond Jewelry!

Genuine Diamond In Every ForeverWick Candle

With a chance to win a Diamond Valued up to $12,000