7 Reasons Why ForeverWick Candles Last Forever

by Kateryna Vasylyshyn on Aug 19, 2022

7 Reasons Why ForeverWick Candles Last Forever

Every Candle Comes With a Genuine Diamond

Who says the fun should end because your candle wax is done melting? We have put a genuine diamond in every candle to keep those precious memories alive! And yes, you won't find such at any other candle company.




Entirely Hand-poured Candles

We give you the best experience with our completely hand-poured candles. Our skilled artisans carefully craft the candles just the way you love them.





The Beauty of Natural Soy Wax

Think about it…how would a clean burn with a lasting release of amazing scents seem? Incredible, right? Our natural Soy Wax candles make this possible! The great news is that the wax burns slowly, giving you a long-lasting delightful atmosphere.




Lead and Zinc Free Wicks

Wicks containing lead and zinc are potentially harmful not only to you but to your immediate environment. That is why we avoid them like a plague! We make use of 100% cotton wicks to protect you and your family from any danger of environmental poisoning.





Unique Scents in Every Candle

Are you a lover of red roses or you're obsessed with lemongrass or blackberry sages? Each of our candles comes with the perfect blend of these scent notes. Every candle has a distinct fragrance, all to your pleasure!




Variety of Lovely Collections

Perhaps you're looking for the ideal gift for a loved one or you just want to pamper yourself in a serene atmosphere, we have the perfect option in store! Check out what customers like you are buying and see what they say about our various Candle Collections.





We Help You Flaunt Your Diamonds!

A diamond jewel is good, but a piece of diamond jewelry is better! We'll help you make those diamonds into lovely jewelry that you can easily flaunt. All these at no extra cost to you!




You never owned a ForeverWick Candle?

No problem here are some of our top sellers!

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  • Randy Mitchell
    Aug 21, 2022 at 14:19

    These candles smell soooo good, and they last a LONG time. Love the fact that the wicks are lead and zink free and it’s soy wax.


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