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  • Eternal Diamond Candle
  • Eternal Diamond Candle
  • Eternal Diamond Candle
  • Eternal Diamond Candle

Custom Candle

Eternal Diamond Candle

The $100,000 Candle is available only on private purchase. Please fill the form below and our in house jeweler will respond to you within 24hrs.


Diamond Options:

All stones are round, cushion, princess cut which are the 3 most popular cut diamonds!

All diamonds come with a GIA certificate for authenticity. 

Only $100,000 - 5.02 CT | D Color | VS2 Clarity 

See Bluenile Value : $194,652 

Only $42,000  - 3.03 CT | D Color | VS1 Clarity 

See Bluenile Value : $63,969 

Only $15,000  - 2.01 CT | F Color | VS1 Clarity 

See Bluenile Value : $22,960 

Only $2,800    - 0.88-.91 CT | G Color | SI1 Clarity 

See Bluenile Value : $3,654

Only $299 - 0.20-.23 CT | H-D Color | SI2-SI1 Clarity 

See Bluenile Value : $355



Eternal is our most exquisite candle by far! Made from 100% Natural materials this candle not only has a delicate and astonishing scent it has a soft, slow burning soy wax that you can use as lotion for dry skin.

Unlike our other products Eternal has the option to select your diamond based on the statement you wanna make. After all, a diamond is the true meaning of "I love you"!

All diamonds are 100% Genuine Earth diamonds that you get at close to wholesale price.  Our Diamond Specialists work tirelessly to get us the best prices on the nicest goods possible!

Scent Notes: Stress Relief AKA...Lemongrass Sage 🍋🌿

  • Genuine Cut and Polished Diamond Inside 
  • 120-hour burn time
  • 20 ounces
  • Premium Natural Soy Wax
  • Lead and Zinc Free Wick