Our amazing story that brought us so far!

How we started

The idea of ForeverWick Candle Co. started on a first date.

While we knew we didn't want to leave each other after dinner so we began to shop. After walking around we purchased a candle.

This candle had burned the first time we made dinner together and the first time we spontaneously watched an entire movie series till the next morning. Everything about the candle reminded us of where we began.

The day came when the candle was finished, but how could you throw something out with so much sentimental value? That is where the idea of ForeverWick Candle was created.

By putting a genuine diamond in each candle, we hope you will have something to always remember those special memories you shared with those closest to you.

So we found a space in Chicago and just started making candles. With the uHaul packed we moved all of our equipment and hoped for the best. We moved production from a small space with no windows to a 3,000 sq ft. factory with lots of natural light.

Our team is what makes this company so great. We truly strive to make the best product possible and we are having a great time doing it!

You want to know how a candle is made? We will tell you...first we start by prepping the jars and diamonds. Every jar gets a wick and warning label. Every diamond is put inside a vial, cap screwed tight and then wrapped in gold foil. Next, we place the gold foiled diamond vial in each jar and center the wick using what we call a "wicky." At this point the soy wax is heated and ready to go, so we pour approximately 1/3 of the candle and let the soy wax cool. The diamond vial is now centered.

Our unique pouring process finishes the job and gives you your lasting memories. We create special memories for you and your loved ones.


When the candle is finished you have a symbolic diamond to symbolize all of the memories you have created.

Step 1

Light candle and allow it to burn until your diamond vial is exposed.

Step 2

Blow out the flame and grab tweezers. Use the tweezers to pick up the diamond vial and set it aside.

Step 3

Allow the vial a few seconds to cool and then begin to unwrap the vial. Remove all the foil to reveal your diamond.