Yes! You heard that right!

All you have to do is get to know our brand and you’ll get $10 in return! Have you heard of ForeverWick Candles? Well, I’m the CEO and I’m here to tell you it would be a mistake not to at least take a little time to know more about what we do.

Who is ForeverWick?

ForeverWick was created to make memories with your loved ones and it has turned into so much more! With over 1.4M diamonds distributed in our candles we are bringing Joy to individuals who truly see the value in getting our candles for the same price and often lower than the competition….BUT!! You get a diamond with it! I mean you can’t lose.

Our mission is to make candles fun and to bring joy to our customers. We have done this for over 500,000 customers already!

The ForeverWick Journey Started On a First Date.

While we knew we didn't want to leave each other after dinner so we began to shop. After walking around we purchased a candle. 🕯️

This candle had burned the first time we made dinner together and the first time we spontaneously watched an entire movie series till the next morning. 🔥 Everything about the candle reminded us of where we began.

The day came when the candle was finished, but how could you throw something out with so much sentimental value? ❤️That is where the idea of ForeverWick Candle was created.

By putting a genuine diamond 💎in each candle, we hope you will have something to always remember those special memories you shared with those closest to you.

How can we afford to put diamonds in candles?

This is the most common question we basically get every day!

  • 1. We buy in BULK
  • 2. We buy DIRECT.
  • 3. Not everyone wins a $12,000 diamond (though we are up to 8 won so far + 56 of $1,000-$3,000 diamonds + hundreds of $100 diamonds)

Sourcing Genuine Diamonds is probably the most dificult part of what we do and we are glad to partner up with the best diamond suppliers in the market which allows us to keep our pricing affordable for you!!

Candles Made With Love

  • Genuine Diamond In Every Candle that is graded by GIA to ensure they are natural earth diamonds!
  • Amazing Scents that are custom tailored for each candle and collection by the best perfumers in the game!
  • Funny as fuck names!
  • An amazing price that doesn’t break the bank!
  • Diamond Exchange program…. YES you heard that right! This is probably the BEST part of our entire company. Each one of our diamonds retails for at least $24 BUT the real value is collecting 10 and then we will set those diamonds in real 14K Gold Jewelry for you.

The World Of Diamonds

With our exchange program you can make your memories last forever! Take all of those diamonds you have and let us set them in jewelry for you.

YES! 90% of the diamonds we send are .03ct BUT they retail for $24. BUT look, you just need to collect ten and look what you can make with us!

Our 10 Diamonds Exchange pieces retail for $450. The more you collect the more your jewelry will obviously be worth! We don’t make anything on this at all. If anything we lose money helping out our customers make amazing jewelry that will last FOREVER… you get why we are called ForeverWick ;)

Diamonds truly are a girls best friend and we think candles come in a close second.

What do people think?

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