Our amazing story that brought
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Our Origin Story

How ForeverWick Came to Be

It all started on a remarkable first date, when we simply couldn't bear to part ways after dinner. 

So, we embarked on an impulsive shopping adventure and stumbled upon a captivating candle.

That candle became a witness to our very first shared meal and the unforgettable movie marathon that kept us captivated till dawn. Every flicker reminded us of our humble beginnings.

When the candle finally burned out, discarding it felt unimaginable, given its immense sentimental value. And thus, the concept of ForeverWick Candle was born.

Now, by infusing each candle with a genuine diamond, we aim to provide you with a lifelong memento, immortalizing those cherished moments shared with your loved ones. May these radiant treasures always evoke memories that touch your heart.


Driven by passion, we secured a space in Chicago, packed our U-Haul with equipment, and embarked on our candle-making journey. From a windowless room to a spacious 3,000 sq ft. factory flooded with natural light, our production flourished.

Our exceptional team is the heart of our company, dedicated to crafting the finest products while embracing the joyous process.

Curious about candle-making? Let us enlighten you. We meticulously prepare the jars and diamonds, each jar receiving a wick and warning label. Diamonds are delicately encased in vials, tightly sealed and wrapped in golden foil. Placing these precious vials within the jars, we meticulously center the wick using our trusty "wicky."

With the soy wax heated and ready, we pour the first 1/3 of the candle, allowing it to cool, ensuring the vial remains perfectly centered. Our distinctive pouring technique completes the transformation, capturing everlasting memories for you and your loved ones.

Our Story Continues...

Since 2017

What we achived so far?


Candles Made

1,644+ Jewelery Exchanged

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Our Vision

And What we focus on?

Quality Craftsmanship

Our commitment to excellence shines in every aspect. From premium materials to meticulous craftsmanship, we ensure unmatched candle quality.

Lasting Memories

By embedding genuine diamonds, we help you create lasting memories. Our candles become vessels of heartfelt nostalgia, treasured forever.

Joyful Experience

We believe candle creation should be a delightful journey. Our team infuses each candle with love, delivering a joyful experience to every customer.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is paramount. With our dedicated customer support, we strive to surpass expectations and leave you with a smile.

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