My ForeverWick Bath Bomb Experience

by Forever Wick on Aug 31, 2018

My ForeverWick Bath Bomb Experience

1. Gorgeous Packaging 

I think first impressions are everything and these bath bombs are packaged cool AF. They come in this cute little package and inside you get your bath bomb, ring, and card that tells you what your ring is worth. I have recently switched over from Lush, and I have to say these are my new favorite bath bombs. I love how Foreverwick goes above and beyond on the packaging, it is something most companies don't do. Every package is their gift package so I guess I have treated myself more than once, Whoops! LOL. 


2. Stylish Rings

As you can see the main reason I switched from Lush is because these beautiful rings that come with the ForeverWick Bath Bomb Gift Set. I feel so lucky to have found them because I used to use Fragrant Jewels , Charmed Aroma , and Jewelscent . These rings appear to be so sparkly and there is always an occasion to wear them. My favorite is the rose gold color ring, it seems to be so in right now. I love that they tell you about the ring you got, since they give you different rings I have gotten rings valued at $40-$100!

3. Silky Smooth Feeling

I think I deserve to treat myself from time to time. These bath bombs are pure bliss. I love it ! I get out of the bath and my skin feels oh so soft. These bath bombs also last longer than others I have tried and make a spa-like experience! Guys treat your girls to this! And Ladies, don't forget to take a moment and relax and breath! It is important! 



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