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Slight shipping delays. Check out our New Rewards Program!

Exchange Your Diamonds

Collect the diamonds from our awesome candles and have them set into beautiful 14k white or gold rings or earrings. We are adding new Jewelry all the time so keep checking back OR put in a request for something you would like to exchange for! You only need 10 of our .03ct Diamonds to get started!! (Put this as like a badge on the diamond exchange area at the top….oh, I already have 5 holy shit I only need 5 more!)

How do you exchange your Diamonds?

Its simple, just follow the steps below!


Choose your custom jewelry and we will send you your shipping labels. Return your diamonds and wait for us to send you what you ordered! It’s that easy.


Once we receive your diamonds the turnaround time can be as little as 3 days!! Once your jewelry is ready we will send you your package and tracking information!


Relax and wait for your Jewelry

Pick your exchange Jewelry!

Based on how many diamonds you have received!

You can start collecting the diamonds by subscribing to our infinity box!

What do people think?

Here are a few reviews of our most obsessed customers!

Jennifer W.

The ring is amazing! Im so glad that you guys just launched this service as I wanted to make a ring myself with the diamonds I had so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you... the ring is amazing! You should have more links to choose from for my future diamonds :D.

Emma L.

Just recived my white gold Diamond Earrings and they are very pretty. At firs I was sceptical about the diamonds but had them tested at my local jewlery store and was pleazed to see that they are real. Many tanks ForeverWick for this awesome service.

Jolene W.

I`ve stoped ordering the candles because the Jewelry guy told me that it will cost me $700 to make a ring out of the diamonds ive collected and when I first seen that ForeverWick will do that for me I was the first in line! The ring is amazing and I love it. Hope to collect 10 more as soon as possible to get one for my doughter too! Thank you so much!