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So how do you get a $12k diamond with this candle?
(a letter from the founder)

From: Erich J. 
Austin, Texas

Let me tell you right away!  Our diamond sizes range from .03CT to 1.35CT.  I guarantee that every candle comes with at least a .03ct GIA graded diamond. Our diamonds retail for $30 up to $12,000! I know what you're can you afford to put a $30 diamond in a candle and sell it to me for $30? Well.... the same way a diamond store sells you that $30 diamond....we buy in bulk, and we buy direct. It's a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea!

The current market value of a .03CT diamond is $30.That means YOU literally can't lose with our candles.

Still skeptical? Check this video down below ⬇️

Once you collect 10 - 100 diamonds, you can exchange them for luxury 14k gold jewelry with our exchange program. Or keep them, and remember all the memories you created. You decide!

Collect 10 and you get:

Collect 20 and you get:

Who buys diamond candles?  Anybody that loves candles & doesn't mind diamonds. Pretty sure that is 99% of the population. Here are some reasons WHY: 

  • Win A $12,000 Diamond!
  • To Say I'm Sorry
  • For an amazing night experience full of love, passion and... diamonds
  • If you experience a blackout in the city
  • If you want to cover up that diaper smell
  • As an investment. (diamonds are increasing in value every year) 
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