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Santa's Sweaty Sack Diamond Candle



Natural Materials



What Diamonds you can get:

Every candle has a 0.03 up to 1.35 CT diamond inside

- Conflict Free Diamonds

- We are passing our wholesale diamond discount on to you

0.03 CT - $39.75 Market Value

0.10 CT - $97.54 Market Value

0.50 CT - $2,207.00 Market Value

1.35 CT - $11,235.00 Market Value

LIMITED EDITION Santa's Sweaty Sack! Poor Santa has been using the same Sack for Ā hundreds of years to carry all of those presents! Santa breaks quite the sweat carrying that sack into every house full of gifts, his old sack has become sweaty and could be washed before he uses again this Christmas.Ā 

This holiday Favorite is the perfect way to bring Old St. Nick's aroma into your own living room!Ā 

NowĀ in 1 or 2 Diamonds! Either you want to share the experience with a loved one or you just want 2 diamonds for yourself ;). Now you have options!

ļ»æļ»æNow in a 4 Wick Candle!Ā These 4 Wick candles have close to twice the burn time as our single wick candles!Ā Ā When lit, your room will smell just how you want it to with each flicker.

Scent notes: Santa's Sweaty Sack, Christmas Joy,Ā TheĀ North Pole.Ā 

ForeverWick CandlesĀ are hand pouredĀ entirely in the USA. We useĀ naturalĀ soy wax and our wicks are both lead and zinc free. For the cleanest burn, trim the wicks and enjoy responsibly.Ā 

  • Genuine Cut and Polished Diamond InsideĀ 
  • 70-hour burn time
  • 10 ounces
  • Premium Natural Soy Wax
  • Lead and Zinc Free Wick

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